This song makes me feel alive.

I think, sometimes, it's so easy to feel as if life is futile. Unimportant. Especially in high school, there's hardly any variation; it seems as if I am constantly driving the same roads, heading for the same destinations. And I know, of course, eventually that will change. I know, in an even profounder way, that life is made of patterns, and these patterns are inherent. Change comes from the individual. Change comes from singular actions.

I'm working on it. I'm trying (very hard) to give my life a sense of meaning. But also, more importantly, a sense of spontaneity. I'm at a point in my life where, honestly, some spontaneity would be good. Healthy. Eye opening.

Tomorrow, life begins again. The pause button is released, and the world comes rushing in, sometimes at a dizzying speed. 

And  that's why I listen to awesome music. And drink lots of coffee. And am in a general state of constant motion.

Life goes on.

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